AS Colour Catalogue 2018

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1 . C O M B E D C O T T O N

3 . C O T T O N C A R D E D

5 . C O T T O N / P O L Y F L E E C E

Our bread and but ter. Our combed cot ton is made from long fibres with a fine weave making it ideal for printing – the best in the market. We produce this is in various weights: 120, 130, 150, 160, 180 and 220 GSM.

Carded cot ton has not had it’s fine top layer shaved of f and is made from shor ter fibres. The result is not as sof t as our combed cot ton but is durable and more cost ef fective. We use this for our price-point Block Tee and Base L/S Tees.

We use an anti-pill, cot ton-rich polyester blend for our heavier weighted sweatshir ts. Our most popular being the 350 GSM Stencil Hood which is 80% cot ton 20% polyester.

2 . O R G A N I C C O T T O N C O M B E D

4 . C O T T O N / P O L Y B L E N D

6 . C O T T O N / P O L Y F r e n c h T e r r y F L E E C E

We are really excited to be ex tending our range of products made from this eco -friendly fabric. This cot ton has been grown without the use of herbicides or pesticides. See page 6 for our range of organic products.

We have just developed a new fabric that requires less polyester to achieve the popular ‘marled’ look making for a sof ter, more cot ton-rich result. Check out our new mid-weight Staple Marle Tee.

For our lighter weight sweats like our Brush Crew we prefer a 75% cot ton 25% polyester anti-pill French Terr y fleece blend. The French Terr y construction makes it more breathable than a standard poly-blend fleece.


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